Top property management companies should possess a broad skill set and be prepared to handle situations ranging from strong negotiation and communication skills to securing and overseeing tenant complaints and repairs. Here at Shield Property Management, our team members take pride in making these top five skills a priority when serving our clients:

1. Understanding That Communication is the Key to Success

One of a tenant’s biggest frustrations is getting in touch with landlords, especially when they need timely repairs or have concerns about the property. With Shield on your side, you’ll enjoy the benefits of having a 24/7 advocate to handle tenant communications. When tenants reach out for assistance, we’ll promptly respond to meet their needs while communicating with you and the renter to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

2. Service-Oriented Focus

Those occupying your property will never be left in limbo with our property management services. Our communication principles with tenants ensures that any necessary repairs to your rental home will be made before they become larger problems. We also take a proactive approach to keep properties well-maintained to retain value and avoid any potential issues. Shield is committed to providing top-notch service with a can-do attitude.

3. Strong Organizational Skills

Our property managers understand how important annual inspections and timely rent payments are. Strong organizational skills keep our team informed of all the details concerning your property. We’ll see to those maintenance and inspection details with our innovative software solutions to prevent costly repairs down the line and get your rental fees deposited quickly.

4. Marketing Expertise

In the rental market, residents tend to come and go. So, if you need to find new, highly qualified tenants to replace former ones, look no further than the experts at Shield. We know the area and market demographics, and we have the latest technological tools and resources needed to secure new tenants.

5. Maintenance Knowledge

While we don’t require our property management staff to have hands-on experience when it comes to structural repairs, we make sure that they possess the knowledge necessary to understand how to manage and oversee them. Your property manager knows how to prioritize tenant requests for maintenance, and will make sure things are done to your satisfaction.

If you’re looking for an experienced property management company to ease your burden as a landlord, contact Shield Property Management and Sales for more information.

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