A great way to economize on daily living expenses is to share your living quarters with a roommate. If done well, you will not only save on the monthly rent expense, but also on the utilities and supplies. But finding a compatible roommate isn’t always easy. Our property managers at Shield Property have seen situations that were both good and, well, not so good. For that reason, we wanted to share a few tips to help you find–and maintain–and ideal roommate situation.

Where to Look

The most obvious place to look for a roommate is within your circle of friends. Put the word out that you are looking. You never know who of your friends may also be looking. Or, they may know someone who might be a good fit. If you don’t find someone through your friend network, you can also post ads in the neighborhood. You can advertise at your school, on your church bulletin board, and in the neighborhood shops. You may even have some success looking online.

Making it Work

When looking for a compatible roommate, our property managers suggest choosing someone who shares similar likes and dislikes and has a lifestyle that mostly mirrors yours. You’ll want to consider work schedules, social habits, tastes in music, etc. If you aren’t a big jazz fan, for example, it may not be a good idea to room with a jazz musician.

Once you’ve found a roommate, the key is to a successful roommate relationship is to set some parameters on how things are going to work.  Sit down together and lay out some house rules. You don’t necessarily have to draft a formal document, but it is always good when roommates agree on things up front so they can avoid potential conflicts in the future. Of course, having things in writing is never a bad idea.

As property managers, we believe in helping our clients find good tenants and our tenants find the optimal arrangements. We understand the ins and outs of rental living and are here to assist however needed.

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