Even the most rigorous background and credit checks on potential tenants cannot ensure that they will always have the ability to pay agreed upon rents on time. While some renters may not have any intention of paying, many might be having temporary financial issues that will be resolved soon. However, if you’ve got a seriously delinquent and non-communicative tenant occupying your space, here are five proactive steps to resolve the situation.

  1. Revisit Documentation and Rental Payment History

Depending on the number of investment properties in Phoenix you currently rent, there’s always a chance that you missed a payment receipt or made an error in your logbook. Once you are absolutely certain that the tenant is late, you must abide by the rental agreements specifications concerning when rent is late and how much the fees for tardiness are.

  1. Send a Certified Late Notice

While you may dread taking time to send out late rent notices, the hope is that your tenant dreads it enough to make timely rental payments. Include pertinent details in a certified letter such as how much rent is in arrears including any late fees, and advise them that you may take legal action if payment arrangements are not made soon.

  1. Pick Up the Phone

One of the most common mistakes income property owners make is underestimating the power of a phone call when it comes to late payment collections. Once they have received your notice in writing, attempt to discuss the situation with the tenant via phone. They may have good reasoning or the payment could have been lost in the mail. However, be cautious not to call too frequently, which could considered harassment.

  1. Submit a Pay or Quit Notification to Tenants in Arrears

This is a formal notice to tenants of your intent to evict them if all monies due are unpaid. Local statutes concerning the timeframe between delivering such notices and actually filing for the eviction vary. This is where finding an experienced property management company or an eviction attorney on your side comes in handy.

  1. The Final Resort—Enforcing Eviction

After the deadline issued in the pay or quit notice has passed, you can begin legal eviction procedures. Unless you’re experienced in eviction laws, it’s best to let a pro handle this. Remember, you cannot forcibly evict tenants until all court action is completed. Meanwhile, you also cannot harass them or deny them access to utilities and other services.

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