At Shield Property Management, we take pride in helping our clients manage their rentals and better serve their tenants. For any prospective tenant, signing off on a lease is a big commitment—which is why it’s so important for renters to know what to look for in a lease agreement before signing on that dotted line.

Information on Subletting and Breaking a Lease

Life is unpredictable, so while a 12-month lease agreement may seem ideal right now, a sudden job change, or other life event could mean a tenant needs to break his or her lease and move out sooner than expected. It’s always a good idea for renters to be aware of their landlord’s policies on subletting or breaking leases before signing. Some will allow renters to find a subletter for the remainder of the rental term, whereas others may charge a fee for getting out of the lease early.

Restrictions on Decorations and Painting

Some landlords are more liberal than others when it comes to allowing tenants to decorate and paint, so renters should be careful to understand these restrictions before moving in. For example, some leases may permit painting and hanging decorations so long as the renter patches any holes and re-paints with a neutral color before moving out. Others may prefer that you don’t paint or put any holes in the walls for decorations (this is where removable wall decals and adhesive hooks can come in handy!).

Pet Policies and Specific Breed Restrictions

For renters with pets, be sure to find out whether pets are allowed and, if so, what type of one-time and/or monthly deposit may be required. Many landlords also have restrictions on specific breeds (especially for dogs), so this is worth inquiring about before signing off on a lease.

The prospect of reading through an entire lease document before signing can seem daunting, but it’s important for renters to make sure the lease terms will suit their lifestyle before committing. For more assistance on lease agreements (both for renters and landlords), contact the Shield Property Management team today.

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