Whether you’re looking to sell a primary residence or a rental property, having a dedicated real estate agent is essential. Here at Shield Property Management and Sales, our realty team is committed to representing you and your home at all times. These 5 approaches are on our ticket to selling success.

1. High Level Marketing Tactics

When choosing a real estate agent, you should look for a great website with current listings. Additionally, you should seek out reputable agents who are connected to other industry professionals. Our team at Shield has the ability to reach out to others in our inner circle to help promote your property and streamline the experience. We can also connect you with everyone from real estate attorneys to reliable movers.

2. Proper Pricing

Pricing a home accordingly is an important component in the home sales process. At Shield, we believe that you should get top dollar for your home. When determining an ideal selling price, we take into account your home’s location, condition, and current market trends.

3. Frequent Client Communication

You shouldn’t have to wait for communication from your Realtor. Naturally, you want to know the status of every potential buyer’s genuine interest in your property. Our agents at Shield strive to maintain proper communication with interested buyers and you throughout the negotiation and selling processes.

4. Solid Negotiation Skills

An exceptional agent will strive to get you the most money for your home as quickly as possible. As the voice of the seller, it’s our job to keep our clients apprised of all offers and to reply to potential buyers promptly. We represent our clients in every negotiation, looking out for their best interests.

5. Involvement In All Essential Interactions

Our experienced agents understand all the jargon and procedures involved in essential steps of the selling process, including appraisals, inspections, and closing. After all, we work for you and want the best possible outcome for your sales transaction.

Looking to Sell Real Estate in the Valley?

If you’re considering selling your primary residence or rental property in the greater Phoenix Valley area, contact us at Shield Property Management and Realty. We are here to serve you.

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