The holidays are a favorite time of year for many, but if you’re a landlord, then you know all too well about the stress this time of year can unfortunately bring. The reality is that very few people want to move over the holiday season, so if you’ve got vacancies, you may have a hard time filling them before the new year rolls around. Our team at Shield Property Management has a few quick tips for you to help attract prospective renters this season.

Be Competitive

It’s difficult enough finding tenants this time of year, and there’s a good chance that the people looking to move before year-end are doing so out of necessity. They’re also likely to be looking for the best deals and value in their next property. With that in mind, be sure to check out other rentals in the area and make sure your rental rates and other terms are competitive. 

Offer Incentives

Another way to entice prospective tenants to move before the end of the year is to offer special incentives for doing do before January 1st (or another date of your choosing). You might, for example, offer them a monthly discount on rent or even cash back when they sign their lease. You can also get your current tenants involved by offering them a small incentive for any referrals that turn into signed leases.

A Word of Caution

While you may be feeling a bit desperate to find a tenant before the end of the year, it’s important that you still conduct all necessary applicant screening to ensure you end up with a reliable tenant. At Shield Property Management, we’re happy to take care of tenant screening and many other aspects of signing on a quality tenant on your behalf.

No landlord wants to be stuck with vacant units over the holidays; by following these tips, you can maximize your chances of filling those vacancies. For more information on what we can do for you, contact Shield Property Management today.

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