We are a full service real estate company.

Shield ExcellenceWe are a full service real estate company. We not only represent clients with the purchase and sale of real estate, but we work extensively with investors; locating properties for acquisition and working up pro-formas prior to contract negotiation and purchase. We also oversee rehab projects to prep properties for the market. Properties currently under our management include single-family residences, townhouses and condominiums. Our primary objective is to get each and every property, whether for sale or rent, to reach, and in the case of rental to maintain, its financial potential for maximum return to our clients.

Regarding rental properties under our management, our services include getting a property in a market-ready condition, aggressively market the property, utilize our in-depth tenant screening process, respond to all tenant repair requests, rent collection, delivery of all notices to the tenant (HOA, delinquent etc) send owners monthly statements, invoices, and direct deposit of (monthly) net rental proceeds. We provide current or prospective clients as well as Realtors with our perspective of market trends, pro-formas and consultations tailored to develop investment strategies to meet their investment objectives.

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