Buying a home is big deal. There is certainly a lot involved, including getting ready for the closing on your new Scottsdale real estate property. Our agents with Shield Property can help you prepare for the closing and celebrate your new home. Understanding all of the forms and how the process works will give you confidence as a new home owner. Here are some general guidelines to follow:

  1. First, consider when the best time is to schedule closing on your Scottsdale real estate property. Our team at Shield Property can give you direction, but oftentimes, scheduling closing around the middle of the month can work to your advantage. This can be particularly helpful if there are problems with paper work or other issues that need to be resolved before the end of the month. This may also help if you are vacating your current home at the end of the month and you don’t want to get stuck without a place to live.
  2. Second, you need to make sure you do a final walk through of your Scottsdale real estate property. If there were items that needed repair, they should be finished before the closing.
  3. Third, proof of inspections and homeowners insurance should be available for the lender and attorneys (if applicable) to look over. Most Scottsdale real estate is in good shape, but inspections for termites and structural issues is essential.
  4. Fourth, when purchasing Scottsdale real estate you will need to review all of the loan documents and allow your attorney (again, if applicable) to make sure everything is in order. You need to understand what you are signing.
  5. Finally, you will need to provide a cashier’s check for the down payment and closing costs of your Scottsdale real estate. The lender will provide the seller with a bank check for the agreed purchase amount and you will be given the keys to your new home.

Once you have found and purchased Scottsdale real estate, you will need to make preparations to move into your new place or get it ready as a rental property. Our real estate professionals with Shield Property can help you throughout all of these processes. Contact us for more information about buying and closing on Scottsdale real estate. We look forward to helping you!

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