Being a landlord can be a rewarding job – both financially and emotionally. When rentals are in high demand, you may find yourself overwhelmed with applications and happily struggling to choose between two perfect potential tenants. In contrast, the slow season is a drag. Finding any renter can be a challenge, much less one whose credit score is above 600 and who hasn’t trashed their last two pads.

Shield Property Management can help you turn the troublesome renter search into an easier process. With three tiers of service offered, we take care of tenant screening including running credit checks, verifying income sources and making sure potential renters have a clean criminal background and rental history. We’ll also take care of the lease signing and communicating with your chosen renter.

How can you increase your chances of finding the right renter?

There are several things that property owners can do to increase the desirability of their rentals during slow seasons. Consider implementing these suggestions if you’re serious about finding that picture-perfect family or responsible professional during your city’s slow home rental season.

  1. Improve Curb Appeal

First impressions are crucial. There are many easy and affordable ways to spruce up a rental property so that potential renters are saying “oh, wow!” instead of “oh, my…” at the sight of your rental home.

  • Plant attractive flowers or hedges.
  • Trim your existing greenery and clean up the yard.
  • Have a painting company freshen up or change the exterior paint.
  • Fix any unsightly areas, repair damaged window or door screens, etc.
  • Add a new welcome mat.
  1. Offer Customization Options

Long-lasting tenants often want to make your place feel like their own; at least, for the time they’re renting. Consider allowing tenants with favorable past recommendations to paint a feature wall, or suggest/implement minor upgrades such as brighter lighting or an herb garden. Offer to replace worn carpets. Limit changes to things that can be easily removed or altered when the tenant leaves.

  1. Stage the Scene for Success

Many sellers “stage” their homes with attractive furnishings and décor to help increase interest in the property. That’s because potential buyers often have trouble imaging their belongings in an empty space. The same goes for renters in a slow market. Stage your rental property so that potential tenants can see how the space could be used. If your rental comes furnished, look at upgrading furnishings from thrift store leftovers to inexpensive, durable pieces that can weather trends.

The bottom line

Every area has its slow rental seasons, whether it’s the brutally hot summers of Scottsdale or the post-term exodus of Tempe. To attract better quality renters during these times, take an honest look at your property. How could it show better? What do renters want? With a little elbow grease, and some help from your property management company, you can draw solid renters all year long. CLICK HERE or call 480-699-7206 to get help managing your Phoenix metro rental.

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