If you have rental properties, you know that you must consider the condition of every aspect of your unit to keep tenants happy and to make your property desirable to potential renters. One area of consideration often overlooked is appliances. While there are no specific requirements regarding appliances in rental units, most tenants seek out properties that have these essentials in place. In other words, if you want to keep your real estate investment property competitive on the rental market, having modern, working appliances is essential.

The Importance Of Functioning Appliances

The most typical appliances that renters are looking for are refrigerators, stoves, washer/dryer combinations, dishwashers, and microwaves. However, just the presence of these appliances isn’t enough. They must be in good, clean working order if you’ve included these items as a part of your lease contract with tenants. Once notified by a tenant that there’s an issue with an appliance you’ve agreed to upkeep, you have a limited amount of time to repair or replace these items before breaching your contractual arrangement. At that time, you must decide whether it’s worth the repair of if it’s time to replace appliances. Older or outdated models are often best to replace, and you can actually find good deals on new appliances if you shop right.

Finding Appliance Deals

If you’re aware that a tenant’s appliance is about to go out or if it’s an older model that’s becoming challenging to find parts for, you might consider taking a proactive approach by replacing them before they fail. This gives you time to find the best deals on appliances through closeout sales, holiday bargains, and if you want to update your rental property with matching appliances, bundle deals are the way to go. Don’t forget to look for big box retailers that offer price matching guarantees.

Let Shield Take The Guesswork Out Of Managing Tenants

With our team at Shield Property Management looking out for you and your tenant’s best interest, we can help you make tough choices like when to replace appliances. We can even oversee the repair and replacement process for you and handle everything from scheduling services to ensuring they are properly installed. If you’re looking for a reputable company in the Valley for property management, give us a call at 480-699-7206.

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