Here in the Valley, many residents enjoy the benefits of having backyard pools to cool off on hot, summer days. For many, pools are a must-have. But with pool ownership comes added cost, maintenance, and responsibility. It’s important to know what you’re diving into if you buy a home with a pool. Here are some things to think about:

Recreation and Safety

Before buying a home with a pool consider the recreational value versus the associated risks.

Pros: Swimming pools are a great way for you and your family to get some exercise, enjoy outdoor recreation, and of course, stay cool in the summer. They also add to the aesthetic appeal of your backyard. Whether you’re looking for a way to entertain guest or just relax, having a private pool is an excellent option.

Cons: Pool-related injuries can happen in mere seconds. It is essential to put safety first. You will need to keep in mind the costs associated with preventive measures such as installing safety fences or a protective pool cover. As well, you will need to consider that your insurance rates may be higher if you have a pool, because homeowners can be held liable for an potential mishaps or accidents. However,  if you do install a fence or other safety feature, there is a chance that you will receive an insurance discount for those improvements, so that is a definite plus.

Condition Considerations

If you’ve found that ideal home and it features a swimming pool, make sure that your home inspection includes checking out the condition of the pool. Find out as much as you can about its current state, such as when it was installed, who built it, and which components have been repaired or replaced.

Pros: Well-maintained pools can add value and enjoyment to your home and allow you to start swimming right away.

Cons: Neglected pools can require costly repairs or restoration. Those beyond the brink of repair may find themselves dealing with a removal process to eliminate the pool entirely.


Cleaning, proper chemical upkeep, and knowledge are vital components of the pool maintenance process.

Pros: If you don’t mind getting your hands wet with self-maintenance, pool maintenance can be a breeze as long as you’re committed to the task. Fortunately, there are also professionals who’ll come to your home and handle those chores for you, if you prefer.

Cons: The price of a professional pool maintenance company is an added expense. Even if you’re a do-it-yourselfer, the equipment and chemicals will still cost you out of pocket. Also, skimping on maintenance can throw the pH balance of your pool off, lead to bacteria, and cause algae or even illness in swimmers. It is important to include the costs of regular pool maintenance in your budget.

There is no question that having a swimming pool at home can be great. But, of course, you have to make sure you are up to the responsibility and maintenance. If you have questions about being a homeowner with a pool, our experienced team can assist you. Contact us  at Shield Property today at 480-699-7206, or fill out our convenient online form.

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