In a previous blog, we talked about emergency maintenance issues and when a problem warrants a call outside of business hours.  As Phoenix property management experts, we know that these calls make up a small percentage of the maintenance needs of a typical tenant.

phoenix property managementIn October of 2014, Forbes Magazine wrote a lifestyle article called, When to Call Your Landlord for Repairs.  The article highlights some of the reasons you should call your landlord and talks about the state laws that set standards for the minimums of what is required to keep a property inhabitable.  While these laws with outline the basic standards, the article says that the “Leases also usually indicate specific appliances that are provided by the landlord (and are therefore the landlord’s responsibility to repair or replace as needed).”

If a maintenance issue does arise, it is important to remember that you should give your Phoenix property management company a reasonable amount of time to respond before taking the responsibility of repairs into your own hands.  If you do not give the property management company a reasonable amount of time, you may end up stuck with the repair costs in the end and may even be in breach of your lease.  Patience is key if you are having a non-emergency maintenance issue.

Remember that the landlord is only responsible for repairs that result in normal wear and tear of the property and appliances (if the appliances are included on the rental agreement).  If the tenant damages the rental property in other ways, the tenant is responsible for the repair and can be considered in breach of a lease if they fail to pay the repair bill.

Shield Property Management makes it very convenient to make non-emergency maintenance requests by providing you an online portal.  Shield also has a convenient way to pay your rent online.  Contact Shield Property Management for all of your Phoenix property management needs.


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