Are you looking for a property manager that will exceed your expectations and get the most return on investment for your rental property? There are a few things to keep in mind when starting your search and making the choice for who will represent you best.

property managerThe first thing to do is to do your research.  Online searches are a great start, but you should contact the management company directly in order to get the most relevant and helpful information.  A large part of your search should be to find out about the fees that are charged by the property management companies.  Some of the fees include management fees, new account set-up fees, leasing fees, advertising fees and maintenance fees.  When assessing the fees, make sure to include the value of what is included in the fee.   A property manger may charge a higher fee, but if that fee includes more than what another company offers for a lower fee, then it may be worth it.

Another item to consider is how the property manager handles getting the funds to the property owners.  This also includes looking into how they account for taxes, basic accounting and what kind of reporting they promise you each month.

A third item to consider is how they decide on the rental rate for your property and once the tenant is found, how they collect that rent.  This includes everything from whether they process rent online to what they do about delinquent payments.

Once you have examined these items, it is also important to find out how and where they will market your property.  Doing an online search to see other properties that a particular company represents can help you determine what to expect if you where to decide on that particular property management company.

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