From privacy violations to just straight up creepy, we found some interesting stories from renters concerning issues with their landlords. The good news is, with our services at Shield Property Management, both tenants and property owners can avoid having unsettling experiences such as these. Here are a few anecdotes we wanted to share with you. Story #1 is particularly odd…and definitely unlawful.

Cameras In The Shower

Hidden surveillance cameras are relatively inexpensive and are growing in popularity for homeowners to protect their own property. However, when it comes to rental homes, you cannot install cameras that invade the privacy of your tenants. We learned of one story, though, where a landlord placed a surveillance camera in the bathroom of a rental home. Certainly not a place where a second set of eyes should be! Unfortunately, this kind of thing can happen with untrustworthy landlords. According to a report by Rocket Lawyer, one victim was repeatedly being recorded while taking showers, which is a tort violation upon a person’s right to privacy. By renting a home through Shield Property Management, you can be assured that this would not happen to you.

Sneaky Landlord

While a landlord may want to enter your leased or rented residence to make sure ‘all is well,’ it’s typically unlawful to do so without at least a 24-hour advance notice to the tenant unless there is an emergency. In another interesting case found on Rocket Lawyer, the landlord was so concerned by the cleanliness of the refrigerator shelves that he violated the occupant’s rights by breaking into the home in their absence to check on them. Not cool.

False Identity

Finally, we found this last tidbit that involves a couple who rented a place that had consistent maintenance issues. The landlord sent out the same repair man each time there was an issue. Upon completion of the repairs, this handyman would ask the tenants to pay for his services even though they expected them to be covered by the landlord. As it turned out, the repair man ultimately confessed that he, himself, was the landlord. He claimed he simply wanted to save money on professional repairs and find a covert way to check that the home was being cleaned properly. Legally, this landlord violated the tenant’s trust by falsely identifying himself.

Avoiding Unlawful Landlord Issues

If you’re looking for a rental home and want to ensure your rights are protected, let our team at Shield Property Management help you find an ideal, professionally managed home. Or, if you’re an owner looking to protect yourself from unruly occupants or crazy landlord accusations, we can help you, as well.  Shield Property Management is a reputable, full-service real estate company that assists both buyers and sellers in addition to offering complete property management services. Contact us here to learn how we can streamline your buying or selling experience.

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